About Us

State of the Art Preschool in Plantation FL

Andover Academy is a Broward County Preschool, located in Plantation, Florida. This state of the art daycare facility was built from the ground up with the intention of being an educational facility, unlike many preschools that are converted, retrofitted, or converted into a school.

In a fully licensed school that is beautifully equipped with child height furniture and windows to view the outdoors; where children are nurtured and negotiation is taught as a way to solve interpersonal problems; where degreed/certified teachers are trained and have supplies they need; where computers are just part of it all; where an age appropriate curriculum is based on a full understanding of emerging language learning, math manipulations, and science; offering everyday to every child music and foreign language; in a center that offers morning and afternoon snacks and voluntary lunch program; where children have daily scheduled lessons in a fully equipped multi-activity room; a beautifully equipped outdoor classroom designed for sand and water exploration and gross motor experiences engineered for maximum safety.

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