Infants need special attention – to be held, spoken to with love and understanding. They are given stimulating activities that encourage small and large motor skills, language development and socialization. The environment allows for exploration and is designed using the latest research on brain development of infants.


Toddlers are offered a broad array of experiences that further stimulate language, creativity, and physical growth. Imaginative play, active exploration and music movement are encouraged. Teachers individualize and support a toddler’s unique way of processing information.


Preschoolers are introduced to learning experiences that emphasize development in language, fine motor skills, introductory math, science, music, and art. Active play encourages children to make decisions and encourages problem solving skills. Appropriate software is used to make computer learning fun each day.

Pre K

Pre K provides instruction in pre-reading, writing, and math by using manipulatives, science, and social studies. Colors, shapes, and letters of the alphabet are taught and reinforced throughout the school year in a small group instructional setting. Computers are an integral part of the curriculum and enhance learning in a fun and interactive way.

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